Why You Should Start a Blog

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Why You Should Start a BlogYou want to start a blog.


There are reasons why people blog.

I know you do have a reason.

Maybe you don’t.

Check out these reasons to help you start your blog today if you don’t:

But see, I started blogging with the intention of making money right from the very beginning. And I nearly failed.

Be rest assured, you won’t.

So let’s dive right in…

1. Hobby

Some people start blogging without giving it a single thought, just having fun.

You often see those bloggers using free unprofessional blogging platforms like Google’s BlogSpot or

Few start like that and grow from there after a period.

It’s time wasting but if that’s what will make you happy go for it.

Point is you’ll still have fun if you go professional like…Read on.

I like writing, reading articles on other blogs, finding people to talk to and connecting with them.

It doesn’t matter the subject you want to write about, only make sure it something you love. And you’ll surely flow.

2. Helping People

Blogging is a heart thing. You’re a giver if you blog.

No matter your chosen niche, you’re helping people.

It may be an adult blog, yes; you’ll satisfy those in need of it.

Bloggers are motivators and they do that with their blog posts.

People will learn new things and may find enjoyment reading your writing.

People need solutions to their problems.

That’s why they’ll Google a search query or a keyword to find your blog posts. Note that.

3. To Build a Business

It’s a good reason to start a blog.

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Business blogging, that’s what it is. Have fun whiles helping people.

Desiring to educate people is a business.

Freelancing is a business.

And you can use a blog to promote what you do.

What do you do?

Are you a seller, a writer, manufacturer, a retailer or wholesaler, an accountant, a full-time self-acclaimed blogger, an affiliate marketer, an actor?

Whatever business you’re doing, you’ve got to blog.

Blogging improves even existing businesses.

If you want the best thing to ever happen to you as an individual, to your company or organization then start blogging.

Hope you’re no more asking: “why blog for business?” or “why you should start a blog.”

What happens when you start blogging?

what happens next

Blogging brings in a lot of benefits. Let’s look at the most important ones:

– You become an established authority

You’re easily enhanced with a blog to look professional.

Writing about topics in your niche or field of expertise to solve problems for your audience establishes you as an authority in your space.

No wonder blogs are now the business cards use today.

Your blog validates your expertise.

How will people know you know if you don’t prove it?

– You’ll meet new people

Like we’ve met through my blog, I’ve made friends with many others.

Some reach out directly to me through the social media.

You attract audience in your specialty when you provide something valuable to them.

Most of them do not only become your friends but business partners.

– You stand out

I know of companies, organizations and small businesses who still haven’t heeded to the call to blog.

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You separate yourself from the majority of those who don’t produce content through blogging when you start yours today.

To stand against the competition you’ve got to blog.

– You create endless opportunities for yourself

Want to get popular? Then, start a blog, my friend.

I’ve been engaged to promote products for companies because I know how to blog.

I’ve created websites and blogs for small businesses because they’ve seen me doing it myself.

Speaking engagements in some institutions in Ghana has been a gold mine for me.

The opportunities to freelance have been my portion since the year 2015.

My biggest hit for instance was a $19,500 writing deal for a radio station in New York. That was in February, 2015. It was just 600 words per article times 13 for 13 episodes of a radio program.

It happened when Gallople was new with about 1,200,000 Alexa ranking.

Blogging can also generate targeted traffic for your business website.

Hurry; get noticed in a unique way by creating your space on the Internet.

Hey, never forget this: it’s not a rush. Move slowly but sure.

– You convert your traffic into customers

This is how:

Give value to your business website traffic and you’ll see them converting into leads then into customers. It’s that simple.

– You grow

Increase in what you do.

Develop into a more mature form with the new blog you’re about to create yourself.

Blogging grow business, apparently from nothing

Blogging helped me find my calling. I can’t imagine a life without blogging.

The benefits of personal blogging are enormous. Check out personal blog sites to learn more.

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Blogging taught me how to write and edit for internet users. It launched my writing career.

Disciplining oneself has never been easy. Blogging taught me how to get organized.

I’ve learned basic technological skills while blogging. I code PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and a little JavaScript.

There are stuffs like search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and a lot more bloggers learn whiles blogging.

You know why you should start a blog now, Right?

I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet.

…Including you.

Now you know why blogging is important.

So, are you still asking: “should I start a personal blog?” Or “what can I blog about?”

Do let me know in the comments box.


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