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I’m Francis Quarshie, the founder of Gallople Media Network.

We need you and would like you to know that Gallople’s platform is where you can share news and your experiences.

Witnessed an incident? Want to report or inform about something? Know a talented fellow who needs recognition?

Your stories and photos are welcome.

Message us via our official Facebook or Twitter page, you can also use our contact form.


Note that blogging is life. It use to be a diary.

Now more than a diary. It’s about making good use of your time, too.

Blogging can make or unmake you. It creates teachers, mentors, experts and entrepreneurs. Be assured, that wouldn’t happen overnight.

But there’s a way:

To achieve this goal, every content released here is focused on what’s working. You may have to read some of our best blog articles to see how we do it:

Sound like writing for Gallople is the right thing to do?

This is what I suggest you do:

Let’s be friends. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Work 1-on-1 with me. Use the contact form to email me. And you’ll hear back from me within 48 hours.


Here’re the general guidelines. And there’ll be no response from me if you miss it:


  1. Send me a pitch only.
  2. Your subject line should be “GUEST POST.”
  3. Let me know who you are.
  4. Let me know the title of your guest post. It must be attention grabbing.
  5. Show me how Gallople readers would benefit from your guest post.


  1. Use Google doc to share your post with mawesodo@gmail.com, when I accept your proposal.
  2. Write insanely useful blog post.
  3. Let your words be between 750 – 2000.
  4. Format your work for internet readers. I’ll check that.
  5. Use the APP method for your introduction.
  6. Edit and proofread your guest post. I may recommend few edits for your post to be a success.
  7. Include 3 links to my other blog articles on Gallople.
  8. Include not more than 3 links to your blog posts.
  9. No affiliate links
  10. Write a conclusion.
  11. Call readers to take action.
  12. Add your author bio at the end. Link to your homepage and a free product.
  13. Share your work on the internet, especially, with your community.
  14. Respond to all comments


  1. No violation of copyright laws.
  2. No republishing of an already published content.
  3. Don’t republish your guest post elsewhere, too.

I retain the copyright of your work on Gallople.

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Talk soon.

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