17 Top Blogs about Blogging for Your Daily Reading Regime

Read blogs about blogging

Read blogs about bloggingDo you want to be relevant in 2017?

Ideas are commodities. And I know you want them.

Only allow yourself to be led.

Never be the type who wants to write on topics no one else has ever written about.

Seasoned bloggers write about the same topics to be relevant. They write on what you want to read.

That’s why you should be able to discern profitable niches.

Point is there are some things people always love. One of them is blogging.

Today, businesses desire to know about it to help them handle their blogs.

How much more you?

It’s just like…

You saying, “Any valuable information I can get to make that job easier is certainly welcome.”

Blogs about blogging do well

It’s that simple.

See, not following blogs in your chosen topic is a death wish.

You attract what you respect.

And as Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So it’s important for me to point out to you the 17 top blogs about blogging you ought to follow this year, 2017.

Make no mistake. These blogs gives ideas.

They’re the top blogs about blogging in my swipe file this year.

You wouldn’t try to be original anymore but a product of the best. And of course, you’ll be relevant, too.


To be a product of the best, learn to…

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Blogging from Paradise

The founder and owner of this blog, Ryan Biddulph blogs from places like Bali, Sri Lanka, Laos, Costa Rica, Thailand, US and other places. Why? That’s his style. And I sincerely believe that’s exactly what you wish to do – travelling whiles earning passive income, right? Blogging from paradise is a skill you must learn from him.

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2 Daily Blog Tips 

In an interview, Matt Kaludi asked Harsh Agrawal of Shoutmeloud how he started his blogging journey. He indicated and Dailyblogtips as some of the top blogs he followed around 2008. You see how old this blog is and how it has helped a top blogger like Harsh Agrawal to get started. What then are you waiting for?


Can you do without a WordPress knowledge base if you’re using it as your blogging platform? Syed Moiz Balkhi provides everything WordPress on this blog. This entrepreneur has great products all over the internet, helping bloggers and marketers alike. He eats, drink and sleep WordPress. Go get your share from him at WPBeginner.

Blogging Basics 101

New bloggers, this is your place. The right place as the blog name suggests. What do you want to know as a beginner? Blogging Basics 101 lacks no answer.

ProBlogger. net

This blog helps bloggers at all levels to learn more about blogging. Darren Rowse will show you how to add more income streams to your blog. He features guest posts from other bloggers including the famous Jon Morrow.

The Blog Herald

You must be current to know the state of affairs in the blogosphere. The Blog Herald is a go to latest news and releases blog that helps bloggers stay updated on what’s trending.


A blog built by Zac Johnson for others to use as a go to resource blog. He has most top bloggers sharing their experiences on Bloggingtips. Note: Ryan Biddulph has more tips on it for you. Check out how Zac has helped over 3200 people on how to start their own blogs on Udemy.


I love this blog. Jon Morrow knows too much. He used to work at Copyblogger. Jon doesn’t struggle in his blogging ministry. Most of the articles on Smartblogger are guest posts from professionals. And they present their work like he does it. It tells me they’re a product of the best. Look, it goes like this: Brian Clark to Jon Morrow to serious followers turned guest writers. Got the idea?

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9 Blogginglove

Want to be a humble WordPress geek like Ravi Chahar? This blogger knows how to build a community anywhere. He’s known by most new and serious bloggers in the blogosphere, commenting everywhere. Even on social media. You have loads of ideas to pick from him. He started Blogginglove not quiet long but has loads of quality content for your perusal. Most of his blog’s traffic are from India, US, Canada, Pakistan and Nigeria. The official name of his WordPress theme is “Blogginglove.” He created it himself. In short, he is the one who coded it. That’s a brilliant WordPress developer.

10 Basic Blog Tips

Ileane’s blogging tutorials give the true picture of what’s involved in blogging. She uses other mediums like podcasts and videos to serve bloggers on the internet.

11 Blog Tyrant

You’ll be called a Tyrant if you start following this elegant blog. Everything about this blog is simple: From design to content. You won’t miss anything about how to start a blog. Ramsay still doesn’t want to stop blogging from the couch. Amazing!

12 Shoutmeloud

India’s leading blogger Harsh Agrawal runs this successful blog. Shoutmeloud covers every topic you need to become a successful blogger like him. He has helped many Indian bloggers to start blogging. Harsh is a millionaire in his country. He earns this money from blogging. Follow him to learn how he does it.

13 Spice Up Your Blog

Make your blog visually appealing by following the guys who’re here. Wondering why there’s love at first sight? Learn how to keep the eyes of your visitors glued to your blog. Look around. The top blogs around are visually appealing. That’s what Spicing up Your Blog can do for you and many more other blog tips.

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14 Be A Better Blogger

A teacher is Kevin Duncan. I will never keep a swipe file without adding a teacher to it. I’m talking about one with a calling. Go over to this blog, read his articles and you’ll see how deep they are, in-depth ones of-course. His is to help you be a better blogger.

15 Blogging Wizard

Want to grow a following? Learn to know what’s bothering your blog audience and solve those problems. Knowing how to help bloggers will make you a blogging wizard. That’s what this blog is about. It is good at giving answers in unique ways, especially, through freebies to those who need them.

16 Philipscom

Philip makes blogging fun. He makes it look very simple. Simplicity is everything in blogging, especially, if you want to go places in the blogosphere. From your blog’s appearance to writing and to interacting with people on the internet be simple. Learn his approach by following his blog. Find him on the Huffington post, too.

17 Blogpress

Their habit is creating blogs for individuals and businesses. And they teach new bloggers how to do same. Are you aspiring to be a blogger? Reach them to start a blog.

Want everyone to think you’re a genius?

They won’t if you’re an island.

Spend time learning from the featured blogs in today’s article than anyone else.

The result is you’ll know too much.

And yes, those are the blogs about blogging for your daily reading regime in 2017.

Now, go over to the blogs mentioned.

Or you want to add some?

Do so in the comment box below. No spamming (no links), please. Only drop the blog’s name.

And share for people to know the best blogs about blogging around.

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