Do You Make These 5 Top Blog Writing Mistakes?

Don't make these 5 top blog writing mistakes.

5 Top Blog Writing MistakesBlogging is one of the most effective ways to drive increased traffic to your website.

Besides attracting more online visitors, effective blogging also helps convert traffic into leads.

However, writing a successful blogs is not everyone’s walk in the park.

Although most blogging veterans will keep bombarding you with tens of tips on what you can do to come up with excellent blogs, quite few will draw your attention to the daily blunders that even the most seasoned bloggers make.

As such, this article highlights 5 top slip-ups that most bloggers make.

Don’t  make any of these 5 top blog writing mistakes?

  1. Auto-Loading Music

You have no doubt come across blogs that have auto-loading music. This is not only upsetting but also annoyingly surprising.

It is a bandwidth impediment that makes your readers spend more internet bundles as they go through your posts. This grave blunder makes your pages load slowly, forcing most users to click out of your blog.

Do you really want to lose visitors simply because they could not afford the extra internet bundles needed to load your music files? Or just because your congested pages take eternities to load?

Further, some users may have their speakers on and the surprisingly loud music can cause unexpected unnecessary noise that disrupts a much-required calm, say, in an open office where silence is essential.

Auto-loading music can easily chase potential users from your blog and you should therefore avoid including it in your posts as much as possible.

Consider the case of an office worker who without warning interrupts the stillness of a busy open office with an ear-splitting hip-hop track issuing from their computer.

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The most obvious instinctive reaction would be to close all tabs and carefully avoid opening the same page in future. You have in short scared that reader out of your posts, however engaging they may be.

  1. Dark Background and Light Text

The types of color combinations you use on your blog have both aesthetic and professional implications.

Your text and background shades have a lot of impact on readability and usability. You should therefore pay meticulous attention to both. Note that reading from the traditional paper is easier than reading online as the latter is harder on our eyes.

As such, using a dark background shades and lighter texts makes it hard for visitors to read your posts.

However appealing your content may be, readers will spend limited time on it if they find reading it rather draining.

It is better to go for a lighter background and darker text.

If you are not sure about the best background shades or text color, it is better to experiment with actual readers to get the best idea about the best text or backgrounds shades to use in your blog.

  1. Too Much Sidebar Clutter

Sidebar clutter can sabotage your blog writing performance
A sleek design that’s free of clutter goes a long way with readers.

Minimal sidebar clutter maximizes your white space making your content more visible and appealing. Your white space is important as this is where you put very essential information such as fully conspicuous call-to-actions.

As such, letting unnecessary clutter take up your much-needed white space is actually undoing your core benefits of blogging. Such as luring more traffic to your site and converting it into leads.

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In the same vein, minimizing sidebar clutter makes your headlines and call-to-actions easier for your visitors to see.

However, this does not mean that you cannot display your badges, awards, and trinkets on your blog. These should be treated as secondary things that come after achieving easy-to-read pages.

Instead of cluttering things like awards and badges around the sidebar, come up with a page that exclusively displays them.

You can then include highly visible links on the main pages so that those interested can view them. A de-cluttered sidebar boosts readability and makes it more convenient for visitors to navigate around your blog.

This subtle mistake may not come to your attention.

In fact, many bloggers who have cluttered sidebars do not seem to be aware of it. As such, you should consider seeking the opinion of experienced blogging experts to avoid this hard-to-notice error as well as other equally elusive blogging gaffes that may escape your notice.

  1. Unintentional Plagiarism (Even with Pictures)

Plagiarism is one of the 5 blog writing mistakes
Most bloggers are largely ethical and hardly plagiarize on purpose.

The fact that your plagiarism is unintentional does not make it any more tolerable. Generally, the definition of plagiarism entails re-publishing of information that is not originally yours.

It matters little if it is pictures, videos, words, or anything content. For instance, if you Google a photo and save it on the computer to use it on your blog, that is already plagiarism.

Also, remember that acknowledging the unauthorized use of another person’s original photo does not substitute for obtaining their permission. Therefore, you need to take time to understand what amounts to plagiarism.

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A clear understanding of the prevailing copyright laws and Creative Commons will help you avoid falling culpable of plagiarism.

  1. Poor Naming of Links

Check the use of click here!
Finally, avoid highlighting your links by merely writing ‘Click Here’.

If you want to insert a link in a sentence, carefully consider how you compose the sentence and how you should prudently include the link.

Instead of using the jaded ‘Click Here’, use a different font style or color to highlight the clickable link.

Using special features such bold letters, italics, or a different color is a much more effective way of making your links stand out than telling the readers to click here or there.

Using highlighted features such as a different color or bold letters not only makes your links more noticeable but helps with SEO if you include certain keyword phrases.

However, make the highlighted phrases as short as possible to avoid making your posts clumsy-looking.

Grammar check

Note that blog writing is not only about grammar. If you need more of grammar check, consider studying this infographic  by Grammarcheck:

10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes (Infographic)


Although these are not the only mistakes the average blogger makes, the 5 common blogging oversights discussed above will help you come up with more engaging posts.

That will get your visitors scouring the web for more.

Pay painstaking attention to them and enrich your blogging skills!

What other blog writing mistake do you think can help us have more engaging posts than these 5 mentioned? Please share this content if you find it helpful.

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