SWISSCOIN to become a top 3 global currency

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SWISSCOIN to become a top 3 global currency

SWISSCOIN is a new cryptocurrency emerging from Zug / Switzerland and operated from Frankfurt Germany, the completely decentralized blockchain is completed and running and the coin will be introduced to the public market in just a few months where the source code and all to it will be published.

This is the greatest opportunity out there, we are still not on the public exchange but we offer members and investors the possibility to secure the coins “pre-market”

Difficulty level today

The difficulty today is as low as 8 and the value €0.19, for an investment of €500 you will be getting 1250 SWISSCOIN.

Expected value in 24 months, close to €8 (1250x€8=€10,000) 😉

Not only will you be able to trade the SWISSCOIN absolutely free on the public exchange but you will also be able to spend your SWISSCOIN with merchants all over the world.

SWISSCOIN will become a top 3 global currency and you are a part of it from start, you are the one benefiting the most as you acquire the highest number of coins for your investment.

The more coins the more profit, the power of cryptocurrency is bigger then we realize so do not be the one regretting not to do more.

As we know, the demand and value is determined by the public market, meaning that the more people aware of SWISSCOIN, the more people who use it, the more merchants accepting it, the higher the demand and value goes.

In order to create a demand there must be knowledge about it, there must be a wish to wanting to have it, save it, use it, and this can only be achieved with information and education on what it really is.

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Therefore the company behind SWISSCOIN provides a product with the name SWISSCOIN Academy which is an online educational program for cryptoscience and blockchain to enhance the knowledge of people, this creates a valuable tool for the masses to fully understand the benefits of this new financial industry.

The brilliant marketing plan

Since launch, SWISSCOIN is offering a brilliant marketing plan to those who wish to take an active role in affecting the value of their coins, to those who use their time and efforts to promote SWISSCOIN, educate others in the benefits of cryptocurrency and understanding of the blockchain technology in order to help add value and create a higher demand for SWISSCOIN.

This has resulted in growing a network of SWISSCOIN USERS that now exceeds more than 600.000 members in just 11 months, all sharing the same vision of a new globally accepted currency which can be utilized anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been making thousands of € in commissions for their marketing efforts, thousands of people have made hundreds of thousands € and even a few have made millions, just for doing simple activities to promote SWISSCOIN that in the end will benefit them as coin holder ANYWAY, as the demand is growing and hence the value increases.

This is what I will call a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate from start, your involvement is completely up to you, no matter if you join as an investor or marketer, you will profit from the incredible success and growth SWISSCOIN is experiencing and will continue to to see worldwide.

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Just remember my friends, this is a long term investment, the longer you hold on to your coins, the higher the value if it will be, meaning higher profits and return on your initial investment.

Do not rush to sell your coins once public, have some patience and let the market stabilize, let the demand grow, let the value increase and make a huge return instead of small profit.

If you during the time of holding on to your coins want to make money, we highly recommend to utilize the marketing plan so that you can maximize the profits from your coins 😉

Cryptocurrency is the the future guys, with SWISSCOIN, lets utilize and take advantage of what we know and make a difference together 💥💥

Blockchain Technology

👆 Blockchain has the potential to remove $80-$110 billion in costs for the global financial services industry over the next few years. Based on the current rate of evolution, we believe blockchain could reach it´s full potential in the next 5 years

Everyone, this is good reading and very good information..

Read How Blockchains Could Change the World

This is the kind of information we thrive on, knowing that not just we, but experts from around the world and especially McKinsey and other major companies are saying that this is it, this will change finance like Internet changed social interference..

By Prisca of the SwissDreamTeam

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