Want Profitable Blog Topics to Choose From in 2017? Read This

profitable blog topics

blog topicsIt’s like a magnet.

But not rocket science.

Still, it does come with its share of what to do and what not to do.

One important ‘do’ is choosing the right blog topic and working on it.

I’m talking about setting up a profitable blog.

The reason why blogs are such a profitable bit of web property is they incur little or no investment and yet, can bring in sizable returns.

While all of this may sound great to enjoy success as a blogger, you must ensure that you’ve chosen the right topic to begin with.

While blogging does bear fruits, it may be pretty frustrating at first, especially, when you just can’t seem to choose the right niche topic.


Let’s dive into the most popular and profitable niche blog topics on the internet today. Of course, the blog topic ideas that make money.

1. Health and fitness

Nothing sells more than a blog that centers around ‘health and fitness.’

In recent times, people are looking out for more and more ways to reduce stress, eat healthily and delay the onset of age-related disorders.

This blog niche is always profitable.

The health market is awash with focused niches that you can target.

You can start thinking of diverse fields under this category like:

  • Diet
  • Exercise gear
  • Nutrition
  • The vegan way of living
  • And weight loss.

It is best to create a blog that either addresses some burning issues of health to challenge people to reassess their existing thought patterns.

Popular ‘health & fitness’ blogs always keep people at the center stage.

After all, everyone would be more than willing to shell out extra to look good and feel better.

Therefore, a blog tailored to this topic is bound to prosper.

2. Romance and relationships

Google Adsense very frankly says that this is one of the hottest topics out there.

After all, who doesn’t want to have a fulfilling love life?

As a matter of fact, more than a million youngsters patrol the internet every day in search of relationship advice.

This is a big market with many targeted niches that you can build your blog around.

They include:

  • Dating sites
  • Relationship advice
  • Social media tips
  • Dating tips
  • Parenting advice
  • as well as Working relationships.

Creating a blog on relationships and slapping in some high-quality content is not enough.

Important measures must be taken to update it on a regular basis.

Additionally, one trending technique used commonly on relationship blogs nowadays is the display of personal stories, incidents, and interviews of people facing common relationship problems.

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If you’re aspiring to build trust with your readers through your blog, this trend is likely to hit the nail right on the head.

3. Finance

Online surveys indicate that almost a lot of people search the internet every day for ways to improve their finances.

Indeed, money isn’t the main motivation of life.

But almost everyone you meet is looking for ways to make more money, increase their credit score, benefit from a business, or get a prestigious job.

While a blog that is built around this niche is sure to take off well, success may be limited by the extreme level of specialization that goes into designing it.

With a topic as serious as money, you certainly can’t fool around.

It is important to list out hard-core facts by deriving from current affairs, modern trends, bookish knowledge and most importantly, personal experiences.

The trending topics under this category include:

  • Small business startups
  • Online business
  • Theories of tax-saving
  • Bank loans
  • Freelancing and jobs to name a few.

One good strategy would be to create a blog that combines the best of two worlds: self-help and money.

A lot of successful blogs focus on subconscious ways of attracting money effortlessly. They sell eBooks on finance, too.

4. Technology

Nowadays technology touches every aspect of our life, right from making coffee to locking the door.

The tech market sees a mad rush of new gadgets every day as they all vie with each other to gain the users’ attention.

No wonder then that there’s a huge demand for this niche. With a technology blog, you can never really run out of niche topics.

Right from mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and tablets to the washing machines, security locks and cooking pots, they all fair well.

There are many ways to transform a techno blog into a lucrative investment.

For one, you can rely on Google Adsense to provide you with a passive source of income every time a user clicks on the posted ads.

Sites like eBay and Amazon are quite generous in paying established sites to display their products.

Then again, you can host sponsored reviews of gadgets on your blogs.

The mantra is very simple with paid posts: keep them persuasive and add a call-to-action at the end. This invariably gears the users to make the purchase.

Another strategy would be affiliate marketing.

By posting reviews and recommending gadgets on your blogs, you can broaden the possibilities of income.

You are rewarded with a commission each time the user makes a purchase through the affiliate links posted on your blog.

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5. Beauty and lifestyle

Blogs on beauty sell like hot cakes. You can go absolutely wild when designing them.

The avenues of income are endless.

Firstly, you can opt for affiliate marketing by posting beauty product reviews.

It is also a known fact that Google Adsense pays beauty blogs handsomely.

The reason for their popularity isn’t difficult to gauge.

In the 21st century, people do not want to leave any stone not turned in looking like a million bucks.

Girls and guys love decking up or, at least, staying abreast with the latest fashion trends.

They all search the internet for ways and products to enhance their appearance and feel more confident.

Beauty blogs comprise endless niche topics to the likes of:

  • Makeup
  • Clothing
  • Fashion accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Herbal care
  • Plastic surgery
  • Shoes and nail care among many others.

It is no secret that beauty-conscious people are willing to throw about any amount of money to look better.

Thus, blogs that use a persuasive tone to recommend certain cosmetic products are likely to earn higher income.

Another strategy would be to add a decent sprinkling of personalized examples. Since not all cosmetic products suit everyone, a review that is written from the perspective of a real-time user invariably gains the trust of readers.

This translates into greater traffic and consequently, higher traffic margins.

The main source of income from your beauty blog would be Google Adsense.

And you can earn tons by just referring or recommending to your blog visitors beauty products, fashion accessories and related equipment.

6. Education

Education niches are also profitable as the world is full of eager youngsters looking for guidance on higher education or on the subject of their choice.

The Internet is, after all, an exhaustive reserve of information and students often tap into this source to sail through tough thesis papers, presentations and projects.

Thus, blogs that outline meaningful information on particular subjects are bound to be popular.

One favorite topic under this category is online education. Where the world is riddled with the paucity of time, people are desperate for simple and shortcut ways of expanding their knowledge base.

Learning a language or enrolling for a course online is certainly convenient as it allows them to juggle their schedule and a passion for learning at the comfort of their couch.

Since education blogs face moderate competition, they are ideal for beginners.

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One technique to maximize returns would be by hosting affiliate ads in your education blog. Google Adsense pays you every time someone clicks on them.

This is the fastest way to achieve a high CTR and CPC. However, the products advertised must be relevant to the content of your blogs.

Showcasing reliable sources of e-learning and selling them out with a money-back guarantee are sure to land you up with a dedicated reader base.

Many education blogs are constructed simply to promote an existing business. Advertising offline tutorials, homework experts, study material and test papers by way of blogs is a great strategy to boost up a brick-and-mortar business.

7. Internet Marketing

A blog that is based on internet marketing sells well simply because it outlines effective strategies to grow an online business.

You can make money by referring useful affiliate products in your blogs. Posting sponsored reviews is also a decent way to generate consistent income.

Another innovative strategy is to promote the services you offer, like SEO, web design, consulting, coaching and so on.

Usually, blogs based on internet marketing are set up to reinforce the premise of an existing offline business.

Promotional blogs are a wonderful way to create an online brand and even attract global clients.

Unfortunately, Adsense program is not an effective strategy for such blogs, simply because the surfers who visit them are largely internet-savvy and technical.

They know the trick and hence, refrain from clicking any affiliate ads.

Therefore, you may not profit much from Google Adsense if your blog centers around internet marketing.

8. Blogging

My blog is one of the blogs about blogging on the internet.

And it’s not the only most popular and profitable blog topic. People think it is.

Important thing to consider when choosing a niche

The blog topic should appeal to you.

The topic you choose may have phenomenal potential, but if it’s not what interests you, then you may end up slacking altogether.

The most profitable blogs in the world are owned by those who cherish the topics they’ve chosen.

And the best blogs are authority blogs on specific topics.

What the topic is matters.

That’s why I’ve this blog post written.

You know of other profitable blog topics, right?

What are the best blog niches in 2016?

Do let me know in the comment box.

Can’t keep up? Invest in these profitable blog topics and watch your profits skyrocket in no time.

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