Top 5 Secrets of Popular Bloggers: How To Imitate Them

Top 5 Secrets of Popular Bloggers: How To Imitate Them

Top 5 Secrets of Popular Bloggers: How To Imitate Them

So you want to become a pro blogger after all.

You want your blog to also be counted among the most popular and influential blogs on the internet right.

You want people to flood your inbox with pitches and testimonials telling you how awesome and mind blowing your tips are. And how they’ve helped them kick their boss in the ass.

The truth?

All these are achievable; it’s not rocket science or wishful thinking. However, it’s not everyone that can attain such enormous heights in blogging.

Now, what you need to ask yourself is this: Will I be able to achieve the rank of Corbalt Barr, Bryan Dean, Bryan Harris, Jeff Goins, Henneke, Penelope Trunk, Neil Patel, Stuart Walker and Jon Morrow?

Don’t know these guys? Ok I understand, perhaps, you’re a newbie here and if you are, I want to use this opportunity and welcome you to the blogosphere.

The names i mentioned above are some of the people that control the blogging world and if you want to be successful too, you should go and introduce yourself to them first.

However, I will also help you, and you know what? You’re very lucky to have read this post right now because I will expose their top secrets to you but please, don’t tell them.

Enough of ranting, let me tell you something that will shock the hell out of you now.

It does not matter if you’re building an Amazon affiliate site, Adsense niche site or any other type of site. The truth is, if you fail to do what you ought to do, you will fail woefully, no two ways about it.

If you want to become a popular blogger too then, you must be willing and able to do what other popular bloggers are doing or, you will remain a mediocre blogger till you get fed up and probably quit which is what most people often do.

I will give you two minutes to make a decision whether you want to be a popular blogger or a mediocre blogger. Your time starts now…

Ok, if you’re still with me after these two minutes then, I’m happy for you, this post is meant for you and I promise not to keep anything away from you…

So without wasting any more time, let’s get to the main points of the 5 secrets of popular bloggers on the internet:

  1. They Have a Vision

Let me tell you something, every successful business man whether online or offline is a visionary.

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According to Michael Hyatt, vision is often important than strategy. In this blog post, he stated that you should always focus more the vision (The What) while pursuing anything and pay less attention on the strategy (The How).

See the screenshot below from the post:

Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy

When Michael was made the publisher of Nelson Books in 2000 after his boss resigned, he had to map out a solid vision which he used to turn the company around.

Below is the screenshot. You can use it as inspiration of what you can add in your vision statement.

Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy2

Popular blogs became popular because the owners had good vision for the blog. Before they started the blog, they already know the direction they’re taken it, they’re already aware what the end result will be and everything they did initially was to ensure they actualized that vision.

You can’t just start a blog out of nowhere just because you were told that blogs can make you a millionaire in a short time then, you rush and start one hoping and praying for it to be successful. It does not happen that way. Often time, failure is inevitable for such blogs.

If you want your own blog to also become popular then, you must also be a visionary. What do you want that blog to become in 6 months time? What about in 1 year time? You need to know all these because once you do, everything you’re doing will be revolving around that vision in order to make it a reality.

  1. Popular Blogs Are Seated on A Solid Foundation

Can a house stand without good foundation? NO.

Same thing equally apply to blogs. If your blog must survive, you must build a very solid and strong foundation for it.

Check out the blogs I mentioned above earlier, can you imagine the amount of underground work that was done before they got to where they are today?

Building a blog is not all about registering a domain, hosting it, installing WordPress and then writing blog posts. Even though most of us were made to understand that that’s what it’s all about but believe me, anyone that tells you same today is either trying to deceive you or to sell you a snake oil.

For your blog to become popular, you must develop a strong plan for it. Blogging is not the same thing as gambling. They’re two different things. The moment you do not have a good plan for your blog, it becomes a gamble.

  • You must know who your target audience is
  • Where they are
  • What’s keeping them awake at night?
  • Exactly how you can help them overcome that problem
  • What type of information they want from you and In what format
  • How often you will be giving them those information and in what days.
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Apart from that, you must also know how to make money from your blog and how best to promote it.

All these and more are the things you should know even before launching your blog.

  1. Popular Blogs Have Huge Email List

Check out majority of the blogs I mentioned earlier on this post and you will see that they make most of their money from their email list.

Pro bloggers understands the true benefits of building an email list and they don’t joke with it. In everything they’re doing, they always make sure their list is growing and that is also what you should be doing.

Put all your efforts to building an active email list. You can’t possible survive the competition on the internet today without it.

You might think you can get all the traffic and exposure you want from the social media but do you know that social media is not reliable? Do you know your account can be taken down at anytime without any notice and explanation?

Don’t put all your hope and attention on social media, even if you must, let it be to build your email list. Set up a landing page with an attractive incentive for people to sign up to your list. Channel all the traffic from social media into your funnel.

Including a call to action button instead of a text link can increase conversion rates by as much as 28%

From today, make email list the focal point of your blog. If you can build a good relationship with your email subscribers then, you’re already successful.

  1. Popular Blogs Only Contain Well Written Contents

One of the main reasons why your blog is still stagnant is that you don’t write good blog posts. Go visit for example and you will see that all their blog posts are exceptional. They don’t publish just to ensure their blog is constantly updated. They publish to impact lives.

They publish whenever they have something important and worthy to say in other words. They don’t believe in quantity but quality.

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Crappy contents no longer have a place on the internet today. Your blog posts must be well written to gain any traction, it  It must be a top notch else, it will not take you anywhere except from the few comments you’ll get from your close friends.

Bottom line: If you so desire for your blog to become popular as well then, you have to imitate those popular bloggers, start doing what they’re doing and you will become like them.

Take time to research and write every post you will publish. Always ensure you cover all there is about the topic. Make it epic and long enough. Fill it with power words and empathy. And also write conversationally.

If you master all these, your readers will always stick around to read your blog posts. And they’ll spread the good news.

  1. Popular Blogs Are Promoted Like Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

What do you usually do after publishing each blog post? Tweet and share it on Facebook right? Well, you’re making a mistake.

Blog post promotion goes beyond that, doing that alone will not get you much and that’s what separates you from pro bloggers.

They know how best to promote each blog post they publish for maximum exposure. Apart from sending it to their email lists which alone can bring turns of traffic, they also show it to other popular bloggers especially those they mentioned on the post.

Think of what will happen if Jon Morrow or Brian Dean tweet your blog post. I guess you won’t be able to handle the traffic that will come with it, right?

Now, that’s the secret of popular bloggers. Before publishing the post, they know how best to promote it. Check out Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique for more on how he does it.


Blogs don’t become popular by accident, it doesn’t happen by chance and that’s why blogging is different from gambling.

If you want to build a popular blog, then you must set the ball rolling first. You must create a clear way for it to grow. That is where the vision and planning comes in. Therefore, you’re the one that will influence the growth of your blog.

Stop being lazy and get to work right now. Do all the things I’ve said in this post. And your blog will certainly become popular like the ones I mentioned.

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