North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has a taste for hard liquor

Kim Jong-un spent £33,000 on imported US liquor last year

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un spent a staggering £33,000 on imported US liquor last year.

The extravagant purchases come as tensions rise between the dictator and Donald Trump over North Korea’s nuclear weapon programme.

Import data shows, he also spent £127,000 on alcohol from Germany, £107,000 from Denmark and £38,000 from Russia.

Included in these imports was £74,000 worth of German wines and £48,000 on luxury beer from the country.

The figures also revealed Kim spent £74,000 on wines imported from Germany

The figures, from Trademap, also revealed Kim spent £48,000 on Italian cheese and an astounding £715,000 on Brazilian coffee.

The luxury purchases come as the UN reports 2.8 million North Koreans struggle to afford food.

Average salaries in North Korea range from £640 to £1,280 per year while almost a third of children are malnourished.

This month people called on Kim to face human rights abuses.

Deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch Phil Robertson told the Mirror: ‘The North Korea government and its leaders should face justice for their crimes, which continue to this day.

‘We urge the United Nations to respond positively to the call that the recommendations of a group of independent experts be implemented without delay.’

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