Killers of Saudi-based Ghanaian diplomat to be sentenced next week

Criminal Court in Jeddah

The Criminal Court in Jeddah is expected to sentence five men who were arrested on charges of kidnapping and killing a Ghanaian diplomat in the city next week.

The gang of five men confessed to kidnapping and murdering the diplomat after stealing more than $300,000 from him.

Makkah Police spokesman Col. Ati Al-Qurashi said the Ghanaian commercial attaché in Jeddah was reported missing on February 2.

Police later found the victim dead. Investigations revealed that an amount of $324,900 was stolen from him.

Police tracked down one suspect who was also Ghanaian. The suspect confessed to the crime and divulged information about his four accomplices — two other Ghanaians and two Nigerians.

The men had plotted the murder and theft with the collusion of the victim’s driver. The Ghanaians planned to rob the victim after kidnapping him and leave him to the Nigerians who would kill him.

The public prosecutor sought a death sentence for all five men on charges of premeditated murder.

Story by the Daily Graphic

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