JHS student commits suicide in the kitchen at Akyem Tafo

hanging JHS student in Ghana

A JHS student of the Child of Hope Preparatory School at Akyem Osiem in the Eastern Region has  committed suicide. The 15 -year-old girl, Barbara Asante, was found hanging from a rope in the kitchen of her family’s residence at Akyem Tafo last Tuesday.

The mother of the deceased, Ms Mercy Asare said Barbara was found hanging with a rope around her neck at 2.30 p.m.w in the kitchen.

According to her mother, Barbara had already told some family members about a strange dream that she had died in. But did not show signs of worry and the tendency of committing suicide.

She added “I told her to pray over it  but unfortunately we found her dead. It is a blow to the  family.”

Lady-GladHeart Akaasa is her Sunday School teacher.

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