I’ve had sex at the beach – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

Actress cum film producer Juliet Ibrahim has revealed ever making love at the beach, although she claimed was the riskiest adventure in her life.

“The riskiest place I had sex was at the beach… It was just spontaneous and wasn’t planned but I think people have to be very careful and make sure that whatever you’re doing is allowed. It wasn’t like a country or a place where people will find it offensive so there were lot of tourists around the place,” She noted.

Speaking to Trybe TV, the award winning actress said she’s daring and sees nothing wrong with even asking for a guy’s digit.

“I don’t see it as a big deal to walk up to a guy. If I see someone I like, I wouldn’t want the chance to pass me by so I’ll definitely say Hi and get your number.”

Ibrahim was born in Ghana to a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian-Liberian mother.

She made her acting debut in the 2005 film Crime to Christ starring Majid Michel. Juliet’s first Nollywood film was Yankee Boys and she has featured in more than 50 films afterwards. In 2014 she produced her first film Number One Fan, where she stars as an actress being crushed on by a fan in the film.

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