Ultimate Guide to Writing Product Reviews

How to write a product review

image of someone on product reviewsProduct reviews are a necessity.

Don’t wait for people to approach you to do reviews for them before thinking of it as a way to help your audience. It’s sharing in the right direction.

Readers need to examine, and understand a product before making a purchase.

How to write authentic product reviews: the inevitable steps to take to create them

It’s natural to try to find out about something before going for it. Example, I had to research about blogging, and how to blog before venturing.

I earnestly look for product reviews before making a purchase for this blog. So does 88% of consumers online.

Our online purchasing decisions are often influenced by reading reviews.


What’s  a product review?

A product review is meant for us to primarily find out if an item is worth buying: does it cater to the needs of consumers?

Value must be obtained from whatever is purchased.

The common reasons why people look for a general survey of products before making a purchase are:

  • They need to identify other users experience.
  • Products have pros and cons.
  • Is it easy to use? That’s one of the questions I first ask myself before making a purchase. I love to “do it myself” in blogging.
  • What’s the product’s quality?
  • Are there alternatives?

Acknowledging those common reasons will help readers know if the product is meant for them or not.

Writing reviews is not about making money. It’s about sharing what has helped you. It pays to help!

And that’s what a good review does.

The first rule to Writing Product Reviews

Getting hold of the product itself is an essential part of the deal: never to be broken.

Always be ready to use what you intend to write a review on. Purchase to own it.

Search to discover a relevant, quality and a useful piece first. Do that by reading reviews online. Visit relevant websites, and follow the steps in this post.

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Find out how popular the product you’re looking for is. It must be relevant to your audience. Then, possess and experience it.

If you truly want to be a valuable source of help, experience what you’re reviewing to earn trust.

Learn more about it to persuade others with your experience.

Note that your reputation is at stake here!

You may ask the owner of the product to give it to you freely for a review in return.

SiteGround for instance, have offered me a link to be used to advertise or write a review for them. I use it to get 3 months of their hosting service in addition to my actual plan. This 3 months bonus is per an individual who makes a purchase. That means 30 months per 10 referred customers .

I didn’t ask Siteground for the opportunity to use that link for the additional free hosting service as an incentive. I got it because I purchased their service.

The duration of experiencing a product may be in 24 hours depending on the type or kind and how experienced you are. Quality and benefits can be gotten within hours.

Finally, add any new discovery to the list of products you want to review.

The garbage

Having and using a product does make you know whether it’s garbage or not.

Not all the services you use are quality.

Show how much you care by being honest in your reviews. Providing the good and bad aspects of a product makes your writing balanced.

Zero Money Making Intention

A review must never be written with the intention of making money.

If my goal is to make money, every review I write will be bias to the extreme, as most of them are.

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Making money with a blog is a genuine process: a deliberate move not to the detriment of readers. A win – win affair

Start Writing

How to write a product review

Write just like writing a blog post in these 12 steps:

Main heading as usual

Always optimize your heading for search engine results pages. Write it to attract reader’s attention.


Introduce a problem the product will solve.

Get the producer or manufacturer known here: people may identify much with its source. The story behind some products can make people appreciate them.

Evidence of experience

Do you own the product yourself? Show some proof of you using it. Who wrote the review? Prove you have the experience to convince the potential costumer.


The parts and characteristics must be laid bare to the reader.

How it works

Describe how it solves the problem you introduced. If you’re good at playing with screenshots, use that skill to demonstrate how you’re using the product yourself. You can use relevant images from the product’s site to demonstrate how the product operates.


You may choose to disclose the prices in tiers here. Develop the skill of making comparisons with other products. Don’t forget to link up to the sites of those products for easy access by the reader. Your reviews become high-value when you compare with others in the same space.

Pros and cons

Do you want your review to be regarded as a reliable source of information?

If yes, then give a balanced approach. Often, producers make the pros known with the cons silent. That’s why you need to have an experience to get to know what the cons are. There is no good product without a con. Use it yourself to get the revelation and disclose it.

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Try to give alternative solutions to curb the cons as well.

Opinions of Others

Try to capture that: most online searchers desire to know what others say about a product they want to acquire. Include both positive and negative opinions to earn your readers trust.

Who is the product meant for?

After addressing those above, you should be able tell who the average user is and why would they want to use it?


I would not use something that wouldn’t benefit me. The parts and characteristics of a product always have unique means to help users and that’s what differentiates quality from those that are not. List them.

Add a conclusion

You opened with a problem, and you’ve covered the solution.

Now, do you love or hate it?

Your opinion is needed here: what have you achieved from using the product yourself? Make people understand if it’s worth the investment. This is the actual place your recommendation sets in.

Where will one get the product?

Set in a call to action in the conclusion. This is where you can place your affiliate link to direct your reader. Let your readers know how long it’ll take a converted reader to wait for delivery?

You may now invite your readers to comment, and even share your review.

It’s your turn…

Be honest, don’t be bias because nothing under the sun is perfect, and always have your readers in mind.

There are scanners online, so remember to write subheadings and short sentences to offer a readable content. Risking to over optimize your content will destroy your effort.

Start promoting your content!

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