How to Apply HostGator Coupon Codes to Launch a New Blog

Best hostgator coupon codes

Set up your new blog with HostGator coupon codes after knowing why you should blog and determining the topic you want to blog about.


I’ll show you the exact process in today’s post.

So let’s dig in.

It all starts this way:

Click HostGator Web Hosting for only $0.01 for the first month (affiliate link).

This deal, $0.01, is for your very first month of hosting.

And the coupon code is 1CENT.

You’ll subsequently be paying a little higher depending on what you choose for a billing cycle as a starter. Cool offer, right?

I never had this opportunity when I first started blogging. Why? I didn’t know where to get such offers, I just didn’t know how. But you do.

Now, let me show you…

How to apply HostGator coupon codes

As a beginner starting your first blog, I recommend you start with their “Hatchling Plan.”

You were sent to the HostGator customer portal when you clicked on the link above, right?

Then start filling out the…

HostGator Order form

When you were determining what to blog about you of course got a name for your new blog.

So this is the time to register that name as your new domain name.

1. Register a new domain

Before you do, you’ve got to know what a domain name is:

It’s the blog address through which people find you on the internet. Like this blog address: “,” yours can be “” or “” Choose the one you deem fit for your new blog.

In choosing, avoid making it long like “” That may not be easy to type and remember.

Let it talk about you and/or what you do. It should be simple, unique and descriptive enough for your future blog audience.

Enter your new blog name like you’ve seen in the screenshot below to register it:

Register an existing one if you own it by clicking on the “I Already Own This Domain” tab and enter it.

HostGator will prompt you if your domain name is available or not:

Checking availability of your chosen domain name

After which you may choose to either protect your domain privacy or not.

Simply uncheck the “Add Domain Privacy Protection” box to save $12.95 if you don’t have to keep it private.

Uncheck domain privacy protection box

But why should you even protect it?

I haven’t, because it adds a cent to building trust online, especially, in search engines like Google.

Understand something here:

Without the domain privacy protection my WHOIS information looks like this

Francis Quarshie
P. O. Box 679
Tel +233 207838981

With it, my WHOIS information may look like this

Domain Admin
ID#89765, PO Box 33
Tel +1…whatever, my friend

Totally forget HostGator hosting addons if you can’t afford the cost. It’s not going to hurt you. And that’s the truth.

2. Select your hosting plan

Again I recommend you go with the Hatchling as a beginning blogger. Upgrade as your blog grow.

Select “1 month @ o.o1/mo – $10.94 Off!” from the billing cycle drop down:

1 month billing cycle

But you’ve got to learn to pay upfront to save money and for search engines to trust your existence on the internet.

Look closely beneath the billing cycle tab.

Noticed how high it’ll cost you a month after the first one month: “Plan renews 2017-01-15 @ 10.05/mo*”

plan renews at a much higher price

So for a start, I recommend you to go for any of the 12, 24, 36 months billing cycle if you have to save more money:

Pay up front to save money

It’s now time to enter a username for your account and a PIN you can remember:

username and PIN

3. Enter your billing information

Here, you’re to enter your full name, address which includes your email and your type of payment information.

You pay either through your credit card or PayPal.

Entering your billing information

Your information is safe with HostGator the following reasons: they’re popular and have been in the web hosting industry years now. So they’ll never hurt you. They’ve never done that.


4. Don’t add additional services now

Be smart to ensure all the boxes are unchecked  as seen in the screenshot below. You can add them when needed in your blogging journey.

boxes unchecked to save money

5. Validate the coupon code and review your order

Hostgator coupon codes validation and review of order

Read their terms and policies, then check off the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy, and Privacy Policy” button.

Click to “Checkout Now!”

You’re done.

It cost you only $12.96.

Hostgator deal

Keep your cool whiles waiting for a confirmation email. You should use the access link and your password to visit the control panel.

Log in to install Watch video to learn step-by-step how to do it:

Great! You have WordPress fully installed. You can now do it for someone else, too.

Want more HostGator coupon codes? Grab this:

Get 20% off all New HostGator Hosting plans with Coupon: SNAPPY (affiliate link).

And that’s all you need to launch your new blog with HostGator Coupon codes

Deal is, get your blog up and running for only $0.01

Or you do have an alternative?

Let me know of it in the comment box.

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