HostGator’s 2017 WordPress Cloud Hosting for Bloggers

They’re close to 10 million.

Most of them top bloggers.

These people, their customers, made HostGator one of the well known web hosting companies on the internet.

Among them is my friend, John Chow.

He boasts of making over $100,000 a month using an online profit model with his blog.

I know you want to succeed like him. Who doesn’t?

Point is, he started from somewhere.

He built a blog. And he’s on HostGator.

That speaks volumes, right?

The question is: “Why has he chosen to be on it?”

Is it because HostGator is owned by EIG, the hosting consortium that owns BlueHost (affiliate link)?

He loves this host so much that he offers to install and set up blogs for all who’re interested:

John Chow uses HostGator Hosting to help people set up blogs

He asked me to order for a new WordPress blog:

John asked me to order for a new WordPress blog

Let’s leave John and how he cherishes this web host for now.

You see, I use it, too. I install and set up blogs for small business owners in Ghana.

Meaning, I create blogs for others.

And from experience, I realized…

HostGator fell flat, especially, with their Hatchling Plan

They fell in performance.

HostGator actually got the first place in the blogosphere because of their performance. And that’s what makes a web host a host. Simple.

It looked as if they relaxed. Why was that?

Even my blogging friend, Enstine Muki was  spending over 10 – 16 minutes on Hostagator Live Chat window waiting:

Enstine caught complaining about their customer service

He had to look elsewhere if that was the reason why he wasn’t getting the immediate attention of his blog’s audience.

Note that his blog has been on Hostgator shared hosting since 2012.

He switched to a new host this year, 2016.

So, which host actually made his blog what it is today?


The amazing thing is…

They’re up again

This time with something fresh, asking us to expect more with their WordPress Cloud Hosting.

An upgrade. A total improvement of their previous service.

I discovered how strong they’ve become when a friend asked me to help him on his project.

HostGator is all good now.

Who underestimated them? I never did.

The truth:

Speed is 2.5X Faster

You heard me right.

No hitting of the back button anymore. No bouncing of your pages.

How is it that your blog’s content requests would be processed slowly when on a low density server.

No need working on your caching and CDN. You’re covered.

Hey, note: don’t let loading speed beat you. It’s a ranking factor.

Migration to HostGator is Free

Want to switch to HostGator?

Transferring files including your emails from a host to another can be hell.

Let them do the it for you. It’s free. I can’t say more.

Dashboard is New

I cherish this part of the cloud features.

It gives the opportunity to track your blog’s performance and metrics.

No reliance on your system’s admin anymore.

Auto-Backups are Free

Yes, you read that right.

Have you ever messed your blog up, example, with a plugin?

You won’t struggle bringing it back with a backup.

Set it up to automatically run for you.

It’s just a click to restore.

Support is Superior

You meet experts who’re always there for you 24/7/365 by their phones.

Real time answers is what you can get from them. Especially, using their live chat.

Security is Advanced

HostGator has your back on this, too. Have malware removed.

Want more reasons to grab HostGator Hosting?

  • Free emails
  • Free configuration of CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • 99.9% up time isn’t enough
  • Etc

Let’s hear…

What others are saying

HostingAdvice says HostGator is its 2016 best host to grow with.

Whiles PC Mag. claims its the editors choice.

WpBeginner has also awarded it as 2016’s best business hosting.

Check out more of what they’re saying from the HostGator Hosting Awards and Reviews (affiliate link) page. Or from the screenshot below:

What others are saying about hostgator web hosting

Customer testimonials from top websites like those mentioned in this HostGator review, proves how resilient this web host is.


How much is it?

Let’s look at it from the angle of competition. They’re on top of the list when compared to hosts like WP Engine and Media Temple.

Observe the standard and personal plans closely in the screenshot below.

You would see that with HostGator standard plan, the email addresses offered are unlimited.

Storage? Much bigger than the rest.

And the PRICE? Cheaper with better offers.

Competitors can not even match HostGator

Hey, it’s time to use this host to see the goodies for yourself:

HostGator Pricing

They have plans for every blogger.

So, get your WordPress Cloud Hosting today to start your blog. And if you’re already a HostGator loyal customer like John Chow, simple upgrade now:

HostGator Plans for everybody

Click on the button below to…

Get Started Button

Their payment methods are as usual. Either pay by your credit card or PayPal. And there’re up sells along the way, too.

You must know this: the signing up process is one of the easiest among the other web hosts.

What do you think?

Any experience with HostGator Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting plans?

Be honest and open to let me know what your experience is in the comment box below.


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