Want to Get More Blog Comments? This is how

I need more blog comments

I need more blog comments

They deserve it.

They read your post.

They dropped the blog comments you’ve been expecting.


Your commentors need a thank you.

To add to it, know that…

He inspired me to open comments.

I thought it wasn’t necessary (I had only 18 blog posts at the time).

How ignorant I was.

He went ahead and taught me how to say thank you to my commentors.

He did that with this wonderful plugin: MyCommentAuthors. A unique tool he created.

mycommentauthors plugin

And in this comment on his blog:

say thank you to your blog commentors

He was the first to comment on my blog – this blog.

It opened through him.

His emails are the first ones I click to open before any other. Why?

He knows how to engage (Still trying to figure out how he does this thing so well).

And he knows how to make money, too. That’s what his blog is about.

So, learn everything you need to make money blogging from him.

This post is not about him. It’s about you, including him.

Enstine Muki – that’s him.

I need to acknowledge the role he has played in helping me: I appreciate bro.

And to you:

I want to say a big THANK YOU for making me happy last month – June.

Please find your image, name and the number of comments you made in the list provided.

Total Comments on this blog in June 2016

Hi, My name is Enstine Muki.
I made 1 awesome comment.
Hello, My name is Shamsudeen Adeshokan.
I dropped 1 awesome comment.
2 comment authors with 2 comments in the month of June 2016
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They’re generated with backlinks to your URLs. It’s at my discretion to make your backlink a dofollow or nofollow. The plugin allows that, depending on the number of comments you dropped.

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Aside helping you show appreciation, it gives you the total number of your comment authors and comments.

No need worrying if you have a titanic list. He designed it to split such huge lists into multiple pages. You do the splitting.

It saves time.

You see how wonderful and powerful his FREE WordPress plugin is.

You can get more blog comments

Make them stick around. Yes, you can.

Make your readers feel they’re part of your community. It’s worth giving them this little bribe – incentive – to get them to comment.

The plugin is FREE.

Why not DOWNLOAD it for your WordPress blog?

Continue to share your intelligent opinion in my comment box. I expect more this month, too. It helps us build each other.

See how Enstine is building me up. He has never been selfish.

You can generously build someone’s capacity through your comment, alone.

Do let me know what you think about this plugin by dropping your comment:

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