51 Best Free Technical SEO Tools for Bloggers to Use in 2017

Free Technical SEO Tools

Free Technical SEO Tools

Have you checked to improve the technical state of your blog?

And do you want your pages to be more accessible to search engines?

Have you spent so much on SEO tools yet?


There’s a solution: save time and money…

  • To solve those technical SEO issues.
  • To improve your blog.
  • And to make it easily accessible to people through search engines, and the social media.


By using the best free technical SEO tools online.

They’re 51.

This is no small SEO tools list found in one place. Trust me, I’ve tested and reviewed them.

And they’re in no order of priority.

Now, get to know them and what they can do for you:

1. Varvy Tools

Are you emphatically following the Google webmasters guidelines? Varvy is a blog audit tool created and developed by Patrick Sexton that has over 5 tools in it. What exactly do you want to know about your blog? This easy-to-use tool will expose everything for you. All the exposed errors can be rectified from here.

screenshot of varvy seo tools

2. Similar Page Checker

See, there are some pages HTML that may look the same. As the name implies, it’s all about duplicate content checking. This tool will have all these issues checked, and will of course give you a score in the end.

screenshot of similar page checker's page

3. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Make no mistake, “nofollow” all required links that need to be no followed with this WordPress plugin.

4. Website Penalty Indicator

It’s a simple-to-use tool that indicates where your blog have been penalized by Google with dates of penalties, and all algorithmic updates.

image of the website penalty indicator

5. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

This tool isn’t specially created for SEO, but can be used to crawl a good number of URLs.

Its diagnostic nature helps in solving technical SEO issues. Yours is to try it to see for yourself.

6. Bing Webmaster Tools

Like Google, Bing makes known to you things you need to know about your blog in their search engine result pages, any others issues that need to be taken care of.

screenshot of bing webmaster tools

7. URI Valet

Have you ever thought of going into server headers, objects, and redirects analysis? Check out this and more from URL Valet.

screenshot of URI Valet

8. Google PageSpeed Insights

An ultimate technical SEO audit tool for mitigating blog pages performance. Don’t forget the speed of your pages is ranking factor.

Google gives insight of how they see your blog with the best sets of solutions to help you optimize your pages performance.

“Pages on high performing blogs rank significantly high than those on slow loading blogs”.

Check out my page speed…

screenshot of google pagespeed insights

9. Browseo

Our blogs shows a different scene to search engines: users see your blog as you see it. Browseo will show you the exact picture of your pages to the crawlers. Have you ever set your eyes on how search engines crawlers see your blog?

screenshot of browseo in action

My favorite among this list of free technical SEO tools is…

10. Google Analytics

One of the best free Google SEO tools online for bloggers. Google Analytics is used by almost all webmasters on the internet.

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screenshot of google analytics


A German built tool with technical and some other SEO features.

12. W3C Internationalization Checker

Simply target a particular country or language by sending signals to search engines with this tool. Better still, you can use this to check if you’re not sure of the language you’re targeting. Do that by entering your URL for proof of what language or country targeted.

screenshot of w3c internationalization checker

13. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a site loading tool, unlike Google Page Speed Insights. I check my blog’s speed with GTmetrix. Why? Find out yourself…

screenshot of gtmetrix

14. Reverse IP lookup

If you want to see other domains that are hosted on the same server with you, i.e. enter your domain or IP address into the box provided in the Reverse IP lookup. It will disclose all spam websites that are in the neighborhood: websites Google associate your blog with.

I was on Godaddy shared hosting plan when I first started Gallople for 6 months plus, and suffered the terrible ordeal of being in a bad neighborhood. I checked with this tool to confirm that bad experience. Thanks be to God I’m on SiteGround now: find out why!

screenshot of you get signal reverse ip domain check

15. Web Page Speed Test

Watch a video showing your blog and that of your competitor’s blog speed when comparing them. You see the video displaying each blog side by side.

screenshot of webpage performance test on gallople

16. Built With

Get more information about what’s at the backend…revealing technical issues in your blogging platform, or content management system. And that the exact job of Built With.

17. Schema Creator

The tool makes writing micro-formats easy: generate Schema markup for your content with this Schema creator to help search engines understand the content in your HTML. After creating the markup, copy and paste it on your blog. Take note that “use of Schema markup doesn’t correlate with higher rankings”.

screenshot of schema creator form

18. Google Search Console

One of the best free SEO tools online.

Google Search Console is for webmasters who care about their blogs. Create a Google search console account immediately after launching your blog. Google shows you all the essential things you need to know about your site.

What do you want to figure out about your site?

Get most of the basic answers from the search console: your structured data, search traffic, search analytics, links to your site, manual actions, international targeting, mobile usability, and many more.

screenshot of google search console

19. Robots.txt Checker

Find errors by analyzing the syntax of your robots.txt file. If you find no errors, count yourself good to be following a valid format.

screenshot of Robots.txt Checker

20. Bulk HTTP header response checker

Be on the lookout for responses that are not 200 like 404 and 301, to mention a few using this HTTP header response checker.

screenshot of bulk http header response checker and comparison tool

21. SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)

WooRank did well by creating an asset like this among my favorite free SEO tools.

This Chrome extension will disclose valuable information about your blog from within your browser. This piece of powerful resource may be used for any other blog from your end.

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22. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Snippet review is for optimum results. Check your snippets appearance with SEO Mofo’s tool to see if you would like to edit them.

23. Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for IIS

Deep crawl your blog to gather data about its URL’s with this amazing tool. Deep crawling to me is the first step in trying to solve technical SEO issues. Doing that reveals lots of much needed deformities to be corrected.

screenshot of Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

24. Frobee Robots.txt Checker

Have you checked your robots.txt file for errors yet? Do that now.

25. Microdata Generator

Cool for your local business SEO.

26. Anchor Text over Optimization Tool

Watch out: check to find links that are breaking the Penguin algorithm rules. Then work on those links where you are at risk of anchor text over optimization.

screenshot of Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

27. SEO Tools for Excel

Check your blog’s data all from different brands of SEO tools within Excel.

28. SEO Friendly Images

Follow one of Google webmasters guidelines in an easy way by using this smart tool: don’t forget your ALT texts and titles!

If you’re lazy, then SEO Friendly Images is your helper. It can take the file name and quickly turn it into an ALT text and title. How do you like it?

29. DareBoost

Another awesome tool to test your blog’s performance is DareBoost. Like Google PageSpeed Insights, DareBoost will show you which problem to deal with in order to get good performance.

screenshot of dareboost

30. SEMrush

SEMrush audits and spits out reports to show you where there are potential issues. It’s a multipurpose SEO tool.

31. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile friendliness is a ranking factor, so go for a test on this free Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool to find out if your blog is mobile friendly.

screenshot of Google Mobile-Friendly Test

32. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

As you may have noticed the free google seo tools around. This is one good one to use. Use it for your markup verification. See in the image below how I’ve verified mine:

screenshot of structured data testing tool

33. Panguin Tool

Link Panguin tool to your Google Analytics to see if your blog have been affected by any Google update.

screenshot of panguin tool

34. Pingdom

Speed up your blog by checking to see if it conforms to best practices-get all the stats needed to figure out bottlenecks. You can also see how fast your blog loads from disparate locations.

screenshot of pingdom in action

35. Plugin SEO

This plugin will show you where on your blog pages to tackle issues.

screenshot of plugin SEO

36. SEO PowerSuite

Bloggers are on the move with this power suite more than before. Why? It has a suite of desktop SEO tools, Making SEO simple and interesting. Best for free SEO analysis.

screenshot of SEO powersuite

37. Open SEO Stats

Another helpful Chrome extension: this is an information hub that will show your blog’s whois, indexed pages, and a lot more. You can solve any technical SEO issue that’s impeding on the progress of your blog from the information you gather.

38. SEO Toolbar

SEO toolbar gives loads of information about your blog. You can’t rectify anything until you know what’s wrong with it.

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39. Spy on Web

Another reverse IP lookup tool of choice you need to try.  Who on the web is using same GA code with you? Catch them with Spy on Web.

image of spyonweb

40. Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

See those spam bots and the traffic from spammy sources? Get rid of them using Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool.

41. SEO Site Tools

Chrome extension like Open SEO Stats.

screenshot of seo site tools

42. SEOQuake

Need more raw data than any SEO toolbar? Grab SEOQuake.

screenshot of SEOquake

43. Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

Do you have a valid sitemap, and are the links in it working or broken? Answer the questions with XML Sitemap Validator.

screenshot of Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator page

44. All in One SEO Pack

Every SEO plugin has unique features for sure: the one I like most about this plugin is the “bad bot blocker” feature. Know what? John Chow uses All in One SEO Pack, and I’ve used this WordPress extension before for Gallople too.

45. Google XML Sitemaps

No use for this tool if you’re using ALL in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO plugin. Automatically Generate XML sitemaps with this plugin for search engines to get your blog indexed.

46. Lipperhey

Lipperhey checks your blog by analysis for detrimental issues. Not designed only for that but sure helps rectify all those technical SEO problems.

screenshot of Lipperhey free seo analysis of gallople

47. SEO by Squirrly

Squirrly sends Gallople’s site report every week detailing pass marks and all other SEO problems that needs to be rectified. Why not add this good plugin to your arsenal?

screenshot of seo by squirrly

48. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

As usual, this tool reveals the dirty technical issues of your blog. One good thing is that it’s liked by many SEOs. Call Screaming Frog “a crawler” for short. Good and easy-to-use blog audit tool. The free version is highly good to use for cleaning up. But for more features, grab the paid version.

screenshot of Screaming Frog SEO Spider tools page

49. SEO-Browser

How good it is to see your blog from the search engine spider’s end. Use SEO-Browser for that job: enter your page URL address, check the captcha form and click the “simple” button, there you have it.

screenshot of gallople using seo browser

50. WP Smush

Image optimization: Smash to reduce the sizes of your image files to increase your blog’s performance.

screenshot of WP Smush in action

51. Yoast SEO Plugin

Gallople is using this cool tool. A useful tool that has helped most bloggers out there, including maybe you is Yoast SEO plugin.

one of the best free technical SEO tools - yoast SEO in action


You think I hate paid tools, right?

I use them for advanced features.

As you can see, there’re both free and paid versions in this list. So, you can always start with a free version then later upgrade to premium.

Rest assured. All basic required stuff for the technical aspect of your blog can be found in these free technical SEO tools.

And I’ll update this list as time goes on to include more free stuff for your perusal.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comment box below.

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