Families reject marriage proposals from Denkyira-Obuasi residents

Some families have served notice to block any member of their families from marrying persons from Denkyiraboase community due to the negative tag on the community following the gruesome murder of Military officer, Major Maxwell Adam Mahama.

Some parents in the Eastern Region in a sample interview stated that, they will not allow their children to enter into marriage with anyone who hails from Denkyiraboase.

The respondents are of the view that, residents from the community are wicked and evil due to the devilish act exhibited in lynching the Army officer therefore will not sanction any marriage from the family to someone from Denkyiraboase.

‘I will never allow any of my children to enter into relationship with anyone from Denkyiraboase because, I see them as evils. If we consider this as matter of love, then I beg to say, it’s senseless love, I won’t agree,” Kate Bedjabeng a former Assembly member for Atekyem residential area said.

Others corroborated that, they don’t want such heartless people to be part of their families.

The 32-year old Major Maxwell Adam Mahama who was on official duty in the Central Region of Ghana was mercilessly lynched in a broad day light by residents of Denkyiraboase who allegedly suspected him to be an armed robber.

The cruel act of the residents have attracted barrage of condemnations and ill thoughts about the community.

The Security agencies have subsequently arrested over dozens of residents suspected to have aided in the killing of the late soldier.

The soldier was buried Saturday at the Osu military cemetery in Accra.

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