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Seriously, you’re culpable.

Yes, you have a blog with useful and in-depth blog posts.

You’re intelligently reaching out. Even on social media networks.

See how your traffic is growing, but the core of your email marketing plan is left unattended.

You’ve negligently left the driver of your email list – where the money is.

You’ve not created…


You’ve not created messages that are automatically set to go out in the order and frequency your recipients decide.

The truth is you’re not using autoresponders to:

  • Enhance your email marketing campaigns
  • Free up your time
  • Help you focus on important aspects of your blogging life
  • Automate your sales

No wonder your dreams are shattering.

With all your effort you still have zero results.

This post is in the process of helping you fix it. Okay?

Right. Before you continue, note that…

Autoresponders needs to be about recipients – your readers or subscribers – and what they decide.

As you may have seen from the definition, your sequences aren’t supposed to be about you the blogger or marketer.

It is the action your recipient takes that determines how you set the messages.

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Because of that rule of thumb, GetResponse has for you these 2 types:

1. Automated time-based autoresponders

Who is on your list? Sequentially send him messages at calculated intervals beginning from when he opted into your campaign.

2. Action or event-based autoresponders

You send this type to your subscriber when he performs an action you specify. Example: when he clicks to download. You may also use them to complete your time-based sequences.

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So, to create autoresponder messages, first have this tool by GetResponse in place: Autoresponders 2.0

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First create them

Every online marketer and blogger needs autoresponders.

Look, it’s ideal to create them after your blog set up – before publishing your first post.

And because of that, I have here, a brief 6-steps guide to create your autoresponders:

Of course, like your blog, you can’t create them without an aim.

So, what’s your target?

  1. Begin with a goal

You’ve unlimited goals to choose from. Choose one, more, or a combination you’re working on achieving.

It could be:

  • To send welcome series to new subscribers

Every email list must have a welcome series – you probably have it. Most welcome series contain welcome and thank you messages. Yes, you need to show appreciation, and make your friends feel at home.

You may choose to include a call-to-action or a download link in here. These kinds are sent right after people subscribe to your list.

  • To make money on autopilot

Want to make money on autopilot? Get ideas from this post by Harsh Agrawal: “Can A Blog Make Money on Auto-Pilot: 1 Month Experiment

  • To deliver series of free lessons

Want an effective lead magnet? Simply get your free mini courses delivered via an autoresponder sequence. You may also choose to show your best content from your archives to every new subscriber. Yours is to decide.

  1. Start writing

Write to convert.

You may choose to hire someone, but it’s ideal you learn how to write them yourself.

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Hope you want to? Then learn from Sonia Simon of Copyblogger.

  1. Outline your sequence from start to finish

This is where you queue up your messages in the email marketing software.

The length of your sequence would be based on your goal, especially, your subscriber’s interest.

Your subscriber may determine how far apart each message will be sent at this stage.

  1. Help people to subscribe

Make it easy.

All your call-to-action should be made clear.

Place opt-in boxes at visibly noticeable locations on your blog.

Synchronize your opt-in boxes with GetResponse – my email marketing provider.

You may start driving people to your opt-in form.

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  1. Class your email subscribers

If you want to send targeted messages to your recipients, put them in groups – segment your list.

Do it when a subscriber joins the list. And you’ll enjoy high ROI on every one of your campaign.

Note: the segmentation should be based on their interest.

  1. Keep working on your autoresponders

Make sure they’re producing good results by tracking subscribers, testing, monitoring and improving your series for better results.

GetResponse Autoresponders 2.0 Pricing

This complete email marketing software has affordable packages for you. All have the Autoresponders 2.0 feature.

Check the pricing:

GetResponse Pricing

You’ve no contract to fulfill: you’re not obliged to do anything.

And you can choose to cancel at any time.

More awesome GetResponse Features

You have the following features at your disposal from this email marketing software giant:

  • Landing page builder
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Webinar tool
  • Web forms
  • Etc
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Now, watch GetResponse autoresponder tutorial in the video to see how you can put this feature – Autoresponders 2.0 – to work for best results:

People are saying this about GetResponse

Neil Patel says it’s the head and shoulder above the rest. He calls it his email marketing secret weapon.

why customers love GetResponse

What am I saying about them?

Well, I don’t like all of their 100+ web forms. I couldn’t find my taste.

So, I had to customize one of them to suit the design of my blog pages. They’ve made customizing their forms possible for everyone.

Take a look at my opt-in form in the sidebar.

Proper attention is required here, my friend

Are autoresponders the missing element of your marketing plan?

Would you make the grave mistake of leaving them unattended?

What do you think of GetResponse Autoresponders?

How do you plan to attend to the core of your email marketing plan?

Drop all that in the comment box.

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