23 Essential Blogging Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog

My blogging tools

You want to know the blogging tools that work, right?


Some little things set the pros apart. You know that.

People often ask, “which good blogging tools do you recommend, Francis?”

Look, good tools are all over the internet today.

So, I can only share with you and recommend those that I use and believe in.

You’ll understand why I use them, too.

In doing that, all the tools required for ‘no hard time blogging’ will be looked at.

I had a hard time when I first started out, but you won’t, because this post is for you. 

Let’s get started:

1 – Domain

Godaddy is my domain registrar.

They’ve been reliable and cheap.

They’re the world largest domain registrar.

You may choose to purchase your domain name from your web host.

2 – Hosting

My blog was hosted on SiteGround – a web host dedicated to WordPress.

They’re WordPress recommended.

I started Gallople on Godaddy hosting service.

And switching my host wasn’t complicated because the people at SiteGround freely did the job for me.

Their support level is high.

And they consistently give me updates through emails.

3 – Blog theme

The beautiful blog you’re looking at uses the “Authority WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop – a shop with professional WordPress themes for your every need.

Don’t be surprised of its look here.

They made it that easy for me to customize.

You see, I’m good at customizing themes. What do you think?

4 – Blog posts

 I’m not an English or American. That shouldn’t be an excuse to mess up either.

There is always a way. There must be.

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Following the tips in this post helped me to write like I’m doing. No struggle.

But when it comes to proofreading and editing, Grammerly has always been there for me.

[Tweet “Mistake-free writing has never been easier”]

For best results on social media and search result pages, I test my headlines with Coschedule headline analyzer.

5 – Images

My favorite source of images is Pixabay.

They’re free with right sizes and resolutions.

6 – My blog SEO

I don’t think much about SEO.

My target is to give readers useful content. Content that solves a problem.

Search engines will run looking for me when I’m able to help people.

If people find what I produce useful, they will reward me by sharing, returning and linking back to my content.

Yoast SEO plugin does all the essential basic stuff for me.

See how to set it up using this guide in the video:

Yoast offers real time content analysis and fixes 80% of my SEO.

Just use this plugin, and don’t think much.

I make good use of my limited time to create and promote quality content.

7 – Social media

I use the inbuilt social sharing buttons of my blog theme.

Click to Tweet – I have this Coschedule’s  plugin in place to encourage more sharing…

Like this:

[Tweet “Add the tools used here to grow your blog:”]

Buffer manages my social sharing schedules.

Feedly is the best free RSS I use to collect and track blog posts of people I follow on the web.

8 – Blog commenting

I never wanted to open comments.

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Eventually, I did.

I opened with CommentLuv at the onset.

Bloggers need backlinks to help their blogs grow.

So, they look for sites with this plugin. And drop comments on them for the backlinks.

They’re rewarded, whiles I discover new blog posts and encourage more friends to comment.

MyCommentAuthors attracts more blog comments.


It’s simple:

“I generate a list of all my comment authors monthly. Publish the list and give them a shout out.”

I say thank you with it every month to attract people into my community.

9 – List Building and Email marketing

List building is my priority.

And email is one of my traffic sources.

I used Mailer Lite to build my list.

I emailed my subscribers with it, too.

As you may have noticed, I had Plugmatter Optin Feature box as my email opt-in form. It use to be up there – above the fold.

I used it in combination with Mailer Lite. They’re good.

I’m using GetResponse now.

10 – Analytics

I track most things that happen in and around my blog with Google Analytics

It’s free, easy to use, and provides me with enough data to help me increase search traffic.

11 – Blog performance

Hope you weren’t annoyed with my page speed?

I have this blog optimized with W3 Total Cache to increase my page loading speed.

Learn how to optimize your page speed with this plugin by following the process in this video:

The other tools I use to boost performance of this blog includes:

  • WP Smush  reduces the sizes of my images.
  • WP-Optimize  removes my posts revisions and spam to clean up my database.
  • Google page speed insights tool reveals Google’s version of my page speed. That’s why I love using it. It also shows you what to do to remedy all issues causing low page speed.
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12 – Blog protection

I wonder why hack attacks on blogs keep increasing. Why are people so wicked?

Sucuri  shelters me from those internet vampires, and updates me on whatever that goes on with my blog:

Image of how Succuri alerts me

It’s more than a plugin.

13 – Blog Monetization

I used to make money with and through this blog using these 3 networks:

14 – Receiving payments

Most companies online pay affiliate marketers through PayPal. And there is no PayPal here in Ghana. I’ve lost so much money before – it hurts.

So, I rely on bank wire and a combination of some few other payment systems for my withdrawals.

Trustworthy blogging tools to use, isn’t it?

The proof is this blog – the results of these tools.

Blogging is no more a difficult thing for me because of the resources I have mentioned.

As you may have noticed, excelling in blogging depends on your commitment and the tools you use.

Some blogging tools are must haves.

Give them a try.

For they’ll surely change your experience.

Yes, I admit. There are a lot more other stuff on the internet.

So, what tools are you using?

Drop all in the comment box.

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