The Only 5 Blogging Tips That Will Make You Smart and Unstoppable

Blogging tips to make you a popular blogger

Blogging tips to make you a popular bloggerDo you want to be a popular blogger?

Be smarter and unstoppable.

The secret: you only need to know what to do.

In this article, you’ll discover the required blogging tips that work.

These tips will help you know what you ought to do:

1. Pass the popular blog topic tests

Else forget it; so ensure you do.

I’ve already made the profitable blog topics known to aspiring and beginning bloggers. Go read it if you haven’t.

Quiz time, please:

Do you know the size of the Total Addressable Market (or T.A.M.) of your blog topic?

I’m talking about readers who have interest in your topic, not all your blog visitors. You’ve got to know the minimum total market size. After all, who wants to get a small piece of a small pie? Only make sure the minimum TAM is massive.

Where is your blog’s topic audience?

Are they on Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, or where? Know where the right people are, so you can easily reach them to build a relationship.

Would you stop blogging along the way?

Know this: The best CEOs and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson of Virgin and Mark Zuckerberg don’t have a job; they have a passion. Passionate people love those they hang out with. You’ll end up giving those you love what they want. Remember, blogging is a heart thing.

Would people want to read about your topic forever, not for a few months?

Even though blogs like event blogs are seasonal, they aren’t the kind people would like to read forever. That’s just an example:)

If you’ve passed the tests, then…

2. Be simple in everything

You can easily over-complicate your blog.

Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Simplicity will help check the number of plugins you use, your page loading speed and blog design. It will attract people to your pages. And engage your visitors, too. Being able to engage people in this context means you know what you’re doing.

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So, cut to the core, my friend. And hit the truth. That’s ultimate. That’s simplicity.

Web copy advice today: Yearn to write like a good eighth grade babe. Always desire to use the ultimate sophistication, simplicity.

One other way to be a popular blogger is to…

3. Publish timeless content

You observe popular blogs today. They get lasting results writing evergreen blog posts.

Have you also asked yourself why everyone wants to use the “Last Updated” date feature on their blogs? It’s because they want you to know the post you’re reading is current. That’s updated.

It’s unfortunate some have this “Last Updated” date feature on articles that are not evergreen.

Yes, there are articles that can’t be updated. It’s either you delete or re-write them. Well you can say you’ve updated an article after re-writing it. And note: that’ll have something to do with your permalink.

Solve this problem and make your blog a great go-to resource or library of quality and useful problem-solved articles by publishing timeless content on your web asset.

Don’t hustle to be a popular blogger when you can…

4. Struggle not on social media

Yes, social media will only waste your time if you want it to.

As a matter of fact, platforms like Facebook can be very addictive. So use your time and energy to build a circular terrace of fans.

This is how:

Use the only efficient traffic techniques that work for beginning bloggers.

The point is there are only a few of them that many new bloggers lose sight of.

Build a blog community

A group of people living in a particular place or a circular terrace of fans is a community. You can call it a circus if you like.

One of…

[Tweet “The finest way to build a blog community is through…”]

Blog Commenting:

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Show me a blogger who has comments on about 300 blogs and I’ll show you a blogger who has a good number of root domains linking back to his blog. Forget about the backlinks being “nofollowed.” They count, trust me.

Not only that. You’ll get targeted traffic through your blog comments, too. No matter how small the traffic is, it’s better.

Some blog owners will end up being your best friends, who will always check on you. It’s like telling other bloggers you’re around.

Always say thank you with this free WordPress plugin: MyCommentAuthors.

See, there’re more advantages when it comes to blog commenting. You try it and see the result.

Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise is known to be a giant in blog commenting but it looks as if Ravi Chahar of Blogginglove is climbing the ladder so fast: the fact is he’s a popular blogger because of this valuable traffic technique that work for beginners.

Mentions and interviews

I’ve mentioned Zac Johnson severally on this blog and he keeps sharing the content in which he’s mentioned. This is reciprocity.

I wrote an article on MycommentAuthors and Enstine Muki, the plugin’s developer reciprocated with a blog post on the essence of reciprocity in blogging.

What happened?

I got a dofollow backlink from his money making blog. And traffic keeps trooping in from that blog post.

You see the power of mentioning fellas in your articles? Get serious.

This efficient strategy works just like…interviews: interview bloggers, not just any, and ask them to share it.

Guest Hosting

So far, I have only two blogging friends who’re hosted on this blog. They’re my friends now. We met through blogging.

This traffic technique also functions like the mentions and interviewing techniques.

You only need to have and follow a standard of writing in order for people to share quality content on your web asset.

Guest hosting has helped blogs like Kissmetrics blog, Kikolani, Bloggingtips and Smartblogger to achieve their successes on the internet.

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Guest blogging

It’s one of the best forms of getting traffic as a beginning blogger.

Who’re you targeting?

This strategy gives you direct access to your blog audience, especially, if you guest post on popular blogs.

Want to be good at satisfying the requirements of blog hosts?

Grab their Guest blogging guidelines. Go through them carefully and humbly honor their request.


This traffic technique involves money. You’ll pay. Most bloggers don’t often use this promotional strategy. It’s a short cut to get your content out there. I like it because it works.

You know I can’t leave this out:

Make sure you…

5. Never give up blogging

Michael Jordan said the reason why he succeed is he failed over and over and over again in his life. Meaning he was unstoppable. And that’s smartness.

Compete with yourself only.

You must be in your own world. I’m not saying be an Island, you won’t succeed if you are. Never compete with other bloggers but yourself and nobody will know what you’ll do next.

Focus on knowing what you ought to do and forget about competition for now.

The fact is a popular blogger knows what a waiting period means. Do you? Learn to wait and stop thinking about competition.


Allow these blogging tips to make you smart

Smart bloggers are unstoppable special people.

They become popular in no time. These guys and gals know what to do:

They keep swipe files of the top blogs around.

And do have the understanding that there’s no original: you only build on the ideas that already exist to create new things.

They don’t complicate complex ideas. Rather, they make them simple for their readers and know how to keep them on their blog pages.

So, are you smart and unstoppable?

Let me catch a glimpse of who you are in the comment box.

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