How To Blog Less Yet Make Money

Doing less is more so blog less yet make money

Want to blog less yet make money? OK.

Here is the truth:

Doing less is more so blog less yet make money

You may have read many times that posting on a schedule is a good thing. You may also have read about bloggers who post every day. If you have tried blogging everyday then you know how tiring it can be. You know all the effort it takes to produce a blog post.

There are several problems with posting frequently:

  1. You run out of topics to post about.
  2. You post too often and produce low quality posts.
  3. People get bored with the low quality content.
  4. No one is reading your posts.

You can solve these problems and make more money at the same time. Here you will learn how to do that to reach your ultimate goal.

You run out of topics to post about

Only choose the topics that are interesting. This will cause you to choose the ideas that are interesting. Keep a list of post ideas with you. Go through your list and write about the one that is going to resonate with your blog audience.

Most of this will be decided even before you have started you blog. Choose your blog based on what could make you money.

Consider nerdfitness as a typical example. This website is very specific. It is a fitness site for nerds. Nerdy boys and men who want to build up their muscles will come here and stick around to read what is written because it is highly relevant. It also sells its membership site with the help of these specific articles.

So that is one way to monetize your blog.

When you choose your niche topic, it will be dictated by the interests of the niche audience. Stick to your niche topic and don’t keep diverting from it. If you are a health blog then don’t start blogging about politics.

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Be niche specific. Also see how this travel niche blog makes money.

You post too often and produce low quality articles

Solve this by narrowing down on your topics from a list you have made. When you choose an interesting idea then spend some time doing the research on it. Write a post. Then leave it on your computer, tablet or mobile for a day or two. Come back to it later and read through it again.

When you leave your blog post for awhile you will get more ideas on how to make it better. Implement whichever ideas make sense to you.

So how soon is soon enough? Don’t get drawn into the lie that you need to post every day. Even if you only post once a week, that will be enough.

What people want is a good quality post. If you take your time with it then you can produce a post that people will want to read which brings us to Problem 3.

People get bored with the low quality content

Why not solve this by making your posts interesting? Well, how can you make them interesting?

There are profitable topics:

  • You can choose these profitable topics.
  • Then find pictures on the topic and use those in your article. Give credit to the photographer if you can.
  • Use bullet lists like this one.
  • Don’t cram your writing into huge paragraphs.
  • Use quotes if applicable.
  • Invite your reader to comment on your post.
  • Within the article place your affiliate code for the products that are related to your niche. More about this is given below so keep reading.
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So how can you monetize your article? You can use affiliate links within your profitable topic. I suggest starting a membership site like Nerdfitness or will work cool.

You can use advertising at the sidebar of your pages. Google Adsense is a good way to gain money from your blog. You just sign up for the program and place the Ad code within your webpage script. If you are using WordPress then you can go for the AdSense plugin to enable you use Google’s products.

You can have many pages with Amazon products. Amazon pretty much sells almost everything. So you can have muscle building proteins or baby toys or fantasy costumes if that is what you are interested in writing about. But you will need enough visitors for this to work.

No one is reading your posts

So you’ve got your profitable niche. You’ve got interesting blog posts. You’ve made your list and posting quality articles. But you’ve got no website traffic.

What can you do about this?

Simple. There are two parts to this.

  1. Post Less.
  2. Spend that time promoting your blog posts.

So with this method you will spend your time writing one blog post a week. You’ll take two or three days to research and write up a good article. Then you will find related images for it. After that spending the next three to four days promoting it becomes a must. Do this by choosing where your audience spends their time, because they will have no time to waste on stuff they don’t like.

So if you have a cake baking website you will not go looking for your target audience on a Diet site.

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The last part ties everything together to blog less yet make money

You will choose a profitable topic to post on. Then you will write a quality article on it. You will post only once a week. Your article will have interesting on-topic images.

You will email your readers only once a week about your post. Readers get irritated by too many emails. There will be a few who will welcome frequent emails. But most won’t like it. So there will be more ‘Unsubscribes’. If you do post more than once a week on your blog, then consider sending an ‘aggregate post’ email to your readers like Search Engine Roundtable. They send such emails into my inbox.

For getting more traffic to your website use traffic getting methods of social traffic, buying ads from search engine sites or buying ads on other people’s websites. Going for Facebook ads is the norm today. Also get other bloggers to link to you. Once you get more traffic then it becomes easy make more money using the methods given below.

Choose your mode of monetizing. These are the main ways you can make money using your website. It all depends on you.

Will you be displaying Ads and earning on clicks?

Will you be using affiliate links to earn commissions when visitors buy through your links?

Will you be having a whole Amazon products page?

Will you get people to buy ad space on your website?

Will you have a membership site?

Will you be selling your own products?

Make your list and get started.

Hope you understand how doing less can give you more returns? If you like this post then please share it.

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