6 Tantalizing Tips to Help Grow Your Blog Audience

blog audience

blog audience

You’re lucky.

There’re tips all over the internet on how to grow your blog audience.

Yet keeping them is an issue.

This post is meant to help you.

See, your blog post has only a chance to convert first time visitors.

And a visitor must be someone you already know.

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You may be wondering:

“How’ll I know a stranger before he visits?”

This is how:

1. Befriend an Imaginary Person

Who’s your imaginary friend?

You may have one, but how much do you know him?

Everyone has a friend like that.

And we all have dreams – your friend has, so better you look for his.

Visualize this guy – your persona.

This person must agree with you. If he doesn’t, be in the known. But never impose on him.

Meaning: you’re required to know – His dreams. His likes. What he’s thinking. Why he’s acting in a way – in fact everything about him.

And a more personal, persuasive blog posts will be your portion.

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To do that,

2. Know where to find him

See, he’s right in here:

  • Your Google analytics account
  • Your blog most read posts
  • Forums
  • Social media groups and communities
  • Google first page
  • Other relevant blogs – Related blog posts with more social media likes and shares.
  • And the places you have to add in the comment box.

Now you know your ideal person.


3. How to befriend him

It’s simple.

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Expert bloggers are skilled “ladies hearts winners.”

You’ve got to win his heart.

Francis and Gina

Read the story below to figure out how to do it:

My salary: $250 per month.

I met her.

I spent $750. I spent my 3 months’ salary at a sitting on her.

Thought I could impress her on that date.

We’re drinking coke; I reveal my mind (Not my heart).

And she was like, I’ve got to go.

Fortunately on her part, Rachel, her friend calls. Off she goes.

Leaving me on this God forbidden day, she says “see you again, Francis.”

I’m wasting her time.

There is something else she prefers.

My approach seemed perfect. But it was lacking.

What have I done wrong?

She cares less about me treating her good by expending on her.

Besides, she doesn’t know I earn that little.

The thing is, I never thought of her interest.

That’s why I say, “Never let your pages feel like a sales pitch.”

Today, as it has always been, put your reader’s benefits first.

So, to make conversion happen, know, understand, and help your imaginary friend to be happy. That’s it.

It’s a heart work.

It’s psychology.

[Tweet “Good bloggers are supposed to be caring and loving”]

To befriend him, don’t make the mistake I made in this fabricated story. Learn from it.

Hope you’re inspired.

OK. Reach me for your blog posts.


You have a friend, and he visits your blog. So…

4. Converse with him

Write like he can hear you speaking to him.

I’m talking about the “You and Me” approach that identifies with internet readers today.

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This is an easy way to be a “You and Me” writer:

First, discuss your topic with either a blogger or anyone who’s interested.

Record the conversation.

Transcribe it to get a blog post of out of the conversation.

And you end up writing naturally.

When writing, see him asking questions as he’s reading.

See him as the only person you’re talking with.

Here, you’re using your imaginary friend as a point of contact to reach others who’ve interests and expected benefits like him.

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For example: one of Neil Patel’s conversational headlines is,

Stop Being an Unknown Writer: Here’s How You Can Come Up With Better Ideas

How do you like that?

No wonder his blog gets high click-through-rates.

5. Keep Him

Working the above tips out should keep your first time blog visitors. Because you know him now, and you write what he wants to read. You provide him the solution to his problem. And he’ll surely come back for more.

Keep them coming back with some strategies to…

6. Grow your Blog Audience

[Tweet “Your blog audience can’t grow if you’re not able to keep them.”]

You have the ideal person you want to help.

You’re aware of his dreams. Interests. The thing that makes him happy.

Now what?

You write a good blog post for him. He reads it. He likes it. He clicks away.

Is that what you want? Sure you said “NO.”


Command him to do what you want, and he’ll submit.

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Call him to action.

Offer him different ways to subscribe.

Promote your posts to people who’ve the same dreams and interests as your imaginary friend.

Allow visitors to comment (I opened comments after a year and half of blogging. That’s not good. It’s a mistake. And I admit it) on your blog.

[Tweet “Allowing comments grows blogs into informational communities”]

I believe that’s the stage every serious blogger wants to reach.

What do you think?

Drop your intelligent opinion in the comment box below.

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