Beans seller shot dead by policeman while chasing some boys

Nigerian police shoots and kills innocent woman while trying to shoot at “Yahoo Boys” in Lagos.

Chidi Okereke has taken to Twitter to share the story of how a mother was shot dead during a chase between a Lagos Police Officer and an unidentified man accused of being a “Yahoo Boy”.

According to multiple reports on twitter, the deceased Identified as “Mama Ayo” and two other persons were hit by stray bullets, after the officer fired a shot at the Onipanu Toll Gate, when the alleged Yahoo Boy tried to escape during questioning.

Her images on twitter

The deceased 13 year old boy witnessed the shooting and has cried out for justice.

The woman’s death reportedly triggered outrage as witnesses demanded the identity of the officer who fired the gun, and he was later identified simply as Tboy attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Chidi Okereke’s claims were backed by another Twitter user Olorunloye (@naijapasito) who confirmed that the deceased was his mother.

tweet backing the story

Tweet backing the story

At the time this report was filed, the deceased had been deposited in a morgue. Meanwhile, the Lagos State Police Command had neither acknowledged the tweets nor issued a statement.

Also, Okereke added that angry residents were threatening to take to the streets to demand justice for the deceased’s family.

Olorunloye tweets

Olorunloye’s tweets

According to Prince Ade Adewunmi on Facebook, the nearest police station refused to provide the Killer

And he asked that followers share till it gets to IGP:

Images of the dead beans seller on Facebook

Images of the dead beans seller on Facebook

See images in detail below:

Beans seller shot dead by policeman

Beans seller shot dead by policeman


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Her market items 1


Her market items2

Her market items 2


Witnesses and her items4

Witnesses and her items

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