I promote products on this blog by simply linking to a company’s or person’s website with affiliate links.

A cookie may be  set in your browser if you follow any of those links to a referred product’s sales page.

And that will make me some money when you buy a product.

The money is a commission or say “I receive compensation” from the company as a “thank you” for referring you to them.

Point is: you don’t pay me anything.

I’ve used some of the products I promote. And you’ll know from my blog posts. That explains where you’re likely to find affiliate links on this blog.

How I use my affiliate links

I place “(affiliate link)” after all my referral text-links.

A typical one looks like what you see in the screenshot below:

Image of how to know where my affiliate links are

I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program: I advertise and link to amazon.com to earn advertising fees.

Hope we’re on the same page now?